Fur Trappers & Traders w Saint Louis, Missouri


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July 14, 1828                               Jedediah Smith, David Jackson, or William Sublette
Indians Attack Smith Expedition!
Men attacked in camp by Indians while cleaning their guns this morning;
Smith and two men out scouting and one man at the attack manage to escape
     The Jedediah Smith Expedition was attacked in camp this morning by a force of about 100 Indians!  The men were cleaning their guns when the Indians came after them with axes and knives.  All the men, except for Arthur Black who escaped into the woods, apparently died in the attack, including the young Indian boy who had recently joined the expedition.  Captain Smith and two men, who had left camp earlier in the day to go out scouting up river also managed to escape as well.


SMITH, JACKSON & SUBLETTE is a business partnership working to make a profit by engaging in the fur trade of the North American west. Jedediah Smith is currently traveling up the Oregon coast with about 275 horses and mules for resale at substantial profit. For further information contact Smith enroute or Jackson and Sublette at the Rendezvous of 1828 at Bear Lake during July in Utah.